Many ask, why Play Hard-Have Fun?

As a proud father, I have had to motivate my two older boys and youngest girl both on and off the playing field and concert hall. My oldest, Aaron, ran track and played soccer; my middle child, Shawn, played basketball and soccer; and my youngest, Mariah, played soccer and played the flute in both marching and symphonic band, and even ran two marathons with me. 

I am not sure when and where I first heard the phrase Play Hard Have Fun but I would always say it before each event. For me, it kept things in perspective. We all enjoy the win or the standing ovation, but in the real world, that is not always possible. I even used the motto at work, believing that if you play/work hard while having fun everything will take care of itself.

Now that my children are all grown and on their own, I apply this motto more my life with Catherine as we Run All Over The World. 

I enjoyed 37 years as a commercial pilot, the last 27 as a management pilot at UPS.  I have run 64 marathons in 23 different countries.  Catherine has done 78 marathons and joined me to celebrate my 50th birthday by starting training for a 50-mile ultra marathon.  We both finished the JFK 50-miler in 2005 and the Louisville Iron Man triathlon in 2011.

We both retired the end of 2014 and sold our home and have been nomads ever since. Most destinations are race-related but we do take some time off to for training in some of the most spectacular destinations.

As with any business name it needs to be catchy and it must have a deep rooted meaning. For me, the meaning of Play Hard Have Fun is this: Give it your all. Find what you enjoy doing–your passion– and it will help you achieve your goals.

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